Madison Story Slam

True stories from the heart of Madison, WI. Host Adam Rostad brings storytellers together to tell true stories based on a theme, from real people. With the occasional interview as well.

Story Slam: Dear Dad

January 3rd, 2019

We are now doing two episodes a week! As evidenced by this second episode this week. We are committed to providing you with episodes to fill your days with great stories. You are all a big part of this community, and we thank you for your support. Here's a warning that this episode deals with suicide. While it's a tough subject, we believe that it's important to talk about this subject. We deal with real life stories, and all that they entail. Our hope is that these two stories provide healing and comfort to everyone who hears them, especially those who have dealt directly with suicide in their life.

First up, Ryan Haack is sharing a few stories about his dad. Ryan told this story on the 4 year anniversary of his dad's death by suicide. I love how Ryan ends his story. It's also a story you may want to see on video (YouTube links for both stories are below) because there are some visual aspects that may make it better. The second story on the episode is told by Jessica Regan, and it is also about the death of her father by suicide. I am continually blown away by the willingness of the members of our community to share deep aspects of their personal lives. It's just amazing. Enjoy the episode.




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