Madison Story Slam

True stories from the heart of Madison, WI. Host Adam Rostad brings storytellers together to tell true stories based on a theme, from real people. With the occasional interview as well.

The Long Slam: Kevin Allison

October 22nd, 2017

You might know Kevin Allison from the MTV sketch comedy show, The State. The 90's sketch show brought us actors like Ken Marino, Michael Ian Black, and Kerri Kenney. After The State, Kevin spent years not quite sure where his comedy voice fit. Not comfortable with the big, outlandish characters from sketch, he finally found a home in storytelling. In 2009 Kevin started the show Risk! where people told stories that they never thought they'd be telling to their friends, let alone a room full of strangers (and an internet full of millions of fans).

Join Adam and Kevin while they talk about how storytelling levels the playing field for all of us, what makes a good story, and how the brain tries to make narratives out of all information.